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Think of any kind of art! We will do it for you together.

Creating mixed media art involves a creative process that allows us to combine different art materials and techniques to produce a unique and impressive piece.
Though it is a new concept, yet we are the proud experts in it. The process can be quite flexible and open to individual interpretation.

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We are a contemporary creative hub delivering moving content & films, through various segments, such as

We have our unique way of animation and explainer video creation.

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This is how we do it?


Concept and Inspiration

We start with a clear idea, concept, or inspiration for your artwork. It could be a theme, emotion, or story you want to convey through your art. Be it social media, marketing material or advertisement we can work on it.


Gather Materials

Then we collect a variety of art materials and objects that align with your concept. These can include paints, paper, fabric, photographs, found objects, and more.



Now we will start with a base or substrate. This can be a canvas, wood panel, paper, or any surface suitable for your project.



Now we do the layering of different materials and elements. Maybe it is 2D, 3D or both. We will make sure that you will get the best outcome.


Balance and Composition

We Pay special attention to the composition and balance of your artwork.

Focal Point

Detail and Focal Point:

Then we discuss and Decide on focal points or areas of detail within your artwork. These can draw the viewer's eye and add depth to your piece.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Add final touches, such as splatters, drips, or additional layers if needed to enhance your composition. We do it all to the artwork best of the kind.

Finishing Touches (1)

Sealing and Protection

Once your mixed media piece is complete, we seal it with an appropriate varnish, fixative, or protective coating to preserve the work and its various components.



Art work is ready to reflect, we check a few things and discuss and brainstorm with you. Does it convey the intended message or emotion? Is the composition balanced and visually engaging?

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Display or Presentation

Now the artwork is ready to launch. Amaze your audience with the whole new concept of artwork.

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Shades and Motion For Mixed Media Video?

We Shades and Motion are talented Animators, with high knowledge of artwork production and are there to help you with the best visuals for your brand. We have worked with several brands and made them at their best. We specialize in app Animation, explainer videos, Brand Videos, Case Studies, Product Videos, Product shoots, Audio Visual, testimonial shoots, TVC, Corporate shoots, Digital films, Mascot design, Illustrations, Branding and Social media content.

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Our quality of Mixed media artwork services is known for its creativity. We serve clients overseas and help them make their brands stand out.